Projects We Support

There are exciting projects around the globe that HAF enthusiastically supports. Please be sure to take a look at what others are doing to promote the improvement of quality of life for all mankind while keeping our planet healthy.


The variety of all species on this planet play an important role in the overall health of the planet. For this reason, we support those projects that promote the natural development of reproduction, pollination, cultivation and use of nature’s bounty to clean, cure and create. Here are a few examples of important work:
Fantastic Fungi – Paul Stamets
* Post-Landfill Action
* Plastic Pollution Coalition
Renewable Resources


While the developed world struggles with obesity, much of the world still struggles with starvation and malnutrition. Poverty, natural disasters, unemployment, lack of education and war are situations that lead to food scarcity and poor diet. There are simple solutions to this ongoing challenge, but those solutions will only be applied when the world begins to make healthier choices and rearrange their priorities.
* Food Recovery Network
* The Campus Kitchen

Housing and Energy

According to statistics from the United Nations, in the year 2030, 3 billion people will require housing. This staggering number represents 40% of the population who may not have shelter. Building shelter for families creates jobs, improves mental and physical health and reduces cost in overall medical care and crime. Check out these programs:
* The $300 House
* Lighting Africa