Preserving Core Values Of Humanity for Our Coming Generations

Humanity Alive Foundation‘s primary mission is to educate parents and give them

the knowledge and skills concerning humanitarianism and social responsibility in order that they pass this knowledge to their children. Our goal is to instill in our children the core values of humanity. We intend to provide educational programs worldwide to in every corner of the world. We hope to make them more aware of their social responsibilities to their neighbors both locally and abroad. Humanity Alive Foundation‘s wish is that our children realize that every individual in our society has some level of responsibility to others no matter their age, religion, culture, sex, or creed. With this knowledge, we feel we will build the foundation to make the children today, the humanitarian adults of tomorrow.

Most people in the world today are aware of numerous inhuman ideologies and idiosyncrasies that prevail among numerous societies and communities throughout the world. The magnitude of the social injustices and inhumane crimes that are perpetrator by the common man are at the highest levels in history. The core values of human decency and humanitarianism have been lost in many parts of the world. One of the prime objectives of Humanity Alive Foundation is to conduct educational programs and begin humanitarian based initiatives that will bring to light these atrocities. We want to touch the hearts and minds of people and bring them to the realization that their inhuman and socially irresponsible actions are plummeting our world into further chaos and despair. Our vision is to highlight and celebrate exceptional humanitarian work that is being done around the globe by humanitarian individuals and groups whose mission is similar to our own. We want to join hands with others around the globe in order to uplift others and preserve humanitarian efforts worldwide.

  1. We believe… The Education Of Humanity Is More Important Than The Education In Any Specific Field Of Study Or Discipline
  2. We believe… Children educated with good moral values as a strong base of their personalities turn up to become more responsible and better performing citizens as compared to children with no moral values even though having higher conventional educational achievements…

A responsible ‘Human’ society throughout the whole world is only possible if every one of us join hands together to establish a humanitarian based educational system for all children throughout the world. We want an education system that nurtures children and gives them moral compass that shapes their personalities and guides their actions during their lives. We think beyond our children and hope that these gifts are past on for many generations.

Humanity Alive Foundation wants to establish Museum For All Humanity as world’s center for Humanity Education and Research. Humanity Alive Foundation intends to continue extending our educational activities and seminars throughout the world. 

The core team of Humanity Alive Foundation has planned several ambitious projects and activities for the near future. Future projects and activities will become possible as more funds are raised and more support received from supporters like you.