Come Forward, Join Hands, Be Part Of A Worldwide Movement!

Humanity Alive Foundation is proud to be running not one activity, but several different kinds of campaigns

and activities, online and offline, to awaken the whole world today making every single individual human awaken with the core need of preserving the core values of humanity and thus making our world a better place for all our coming generationsIt’s already too late. It’s time right now to get up and save our core values of humanity that are being lost throughout the world during today’s dynamic high-tech and progressive world around.

We invite you to explore and be a part of the following worldwide movements we’ve already initiated just for you and all humans around, all over the world. 

Be a part of these campaigns and introduce all our efforts and activities to all your friends and everyone you know, and thus supporting our worldwide campaigns to create the awareness for core human values of Humanity and social responsibility.

Our Current Campaigns: