Humanity Alive Foundation

The Humanity Alive Foundation is a non-profit organization, whose focus is to create stronger, more humanitarian communities that will be maintained for future generations.

Our Mission

We believe that by empowering youth and communities to find innovative solutions to the challenges that are having a negative effect on our planet and humanity, we are instilling new values in a generation that will continue to build sustainable communities.

Core Value

The planet is alive with cooperation in nature, and it is in that spirit of cooperation that we believe human beings benefit from a symbiotic relationship with nature and each other.

Our Focus

We inspire positive values by supporting students in strengthening their communities through innovative ideas and new technology. Student led projects as campus based community service will also provide the student with opportunities for immersion in communities, improving cultural understanding.

In order to promote activities that have a positive effect on humanity, we conduct events and take initiatives that help to bring people from all over the globe closer by highlighting and showing appreciation for exceptional humanitarian work and eminent contributions from diverse societies.

We believe that by expanding the opportunity for girls and women, promoting community investment and educating our youth in biodiversity and cultural understanding we are building a better tomorrow.

Our Goals

  • Improve Global Health and Wellness
  • Help people lift themselves out of poverty
  • Promote biodiversity on land and in the ocean
  • Advances in science and technology that benefit all life
  • Economic opportunity and growth for all
  • Affordable housing for all