Humanity Alive Foundation

is a non-profit organization, whose focus is to create stronger, more humanitarian communities that will be maintained for future generations.

We believe that there exists in the world too much hatred and chaos that plagues all people spanning from local communities to entire regions of the world. Our mission is to ensure that our children and our children’s children inherit a world that is free from unnecessary hatred and is full of moral values and moral responsibilities among all people. We will create a world in which our future generations can live in a sustainable healthy, positive, and promising society

We believe that the lack of core human values and the loss of core human values that has occurred due to modernization, economic growth, and loss of a sense of community and social responsibility is one of the root causes of the declination of healthy moral responsible societies throughout the world. We believe the time to take action is now. It is time to establish a responsible worldwide education system that includes the commitment to preserving and teaching core moral values of humanity and pass these values to our children. It is our sincere hope that this will lay a strong foundation for a safer, mature, and more socially responsible worldwide community. 

The prime objective of Humanity Alive Foundation is to make every person we touch a responsible and mature citizen that exists on one planet rather than a citizen of one country. We want to teach men and women of all ages, backgrounds and cultures from all over the world, and bring them share with them our vision by offering them free, informative seminars on variety of subjects and topics targeting the preservation of core values of a humanitarian and socially responsible society. Humanity Alive Foundation is goal is to develop and offer cost free seminars worldwide across all races, genders, cultures, and socio economic groups. We plan to provide community consultation with the mission of targeting the development of mature human societies both locally and abroad. The Humanity Alive Foundation is a non-profit organization that intends to use its monetary donations to provide free educational seminars worldwide

The core values that are taught in these free seminars are targeted at helping people become more socially responsible both locally and worldwide. These programs provide the tools for families to become stronger and morally cohesive. Families will learn how to develop family mission statements that involve every member of their homes and that instill the values of respect, integrity, honesty, and trust. Further, these seminars will teach people how to be responsible for not only themselves and their family, but also people from every walk of life and from every part of the world. Worldwide problems will be solved beginning in the home and local communities with the support from people from other communities. The premise of think globally and act locally will be the foundation of our teachings. 

These seminars will be offered in several different venues and will be targeting schoolchildren, teens, parents, and elders of different societies with the common vision of teaching action with respect and integrity

The first seminar that has been created is one focused on a “Combined Family Vision.” It was recently launched and initiated by the core team of Humanity Alive Foundation in the New York region and has already gained massive regional appreciation and coverage by the media. 

Let’s pay tribute to all our ancestors and humanitarian contributors from the past that have inspired us with their unending sacrifice to uphold the core values of humanity.

Let’s Get United! Let’s create a world of social and moral responsibility and rebuild our lost communities…