We Invite Social Photographers...

Photography is one of the precious arts of humanity that magnificently preserves the memories of a particular scenario, state or incident.

Photography is a means of preserving memories and thoughts for ever. A highly skilled photographer that reasonably understands the importance of a particular scenario or incident and then successfully attempts to preserve it in the best form in the form of photographs is actually a precious artist of the human society. We forward our regards to all such photographers that work in normal and abnormal conditions and devote their precious lifetime for preserving exquisite moments in the form of photographs for ever.

This is a call for all social photographers from all over the world. Humanity Alive Foundation needs your valued help. We require your support in the form of photographs that bring good humanitarian work into the limelight. We require photographs that project the real image of humanity or prevailing inhumanity throughout the human society throughout the world.

We require motivating and inspirational photographs, as many as possible, on an ongoing basis. All these photographs will be periodically published along with accompanying news/informative content in the monthly edition of our In-action magazine from Humanity Alive Foundation and its corresponding InfoChannel newsletters. These photographs once approved, will also be used for inclusion in several periodic 'screensavers for humanity' from Humanity Alive Foundation.

Please note that your copyright will remain intact with your work. You will only allow your work to be used by Humanity Alive Foundation for a noble cause. All photographs used in this way by Humanity Alive Foundation will carry due regards to their photographers at the bottom of each photograph.

Before submitting your content, please create your associate membership account at humanityalive.org. We invite all social photographers to submit their content to the coreteam@mahumanity.org along with their 'associate membership reference id'.

Let's join hands together,
let's build the The Museum For All Humanity together!