Upcoming Seminar & Special Report on Parenting & Humanity

Effective, mature and responsible parenting is one of the most important activity, an obligation on all parents having growing-up kids in the society. Delivering the right family environment enriched with high family values and human values lays down a stronger foundation not only for the coming generations, but also for the current generations for their future.

Humanity Alive Foundation is here to come up soon with an exclusive seminar on Parenting and Humanity dedicated to all parents with growing-up children. The core objective is to educate parents on all moral liabilities and obligation they have upon themselves as true responsible parents of the society.

The objective will be to empower parents with the deepest vision on how to nurture their kids with high moral values and internal bonds that induces and implants the rightous value system in their children for shaping up a modern society with good citizen for today and tomorrow that understand their responsibility with their sense of belongingness towards their society.