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  1. You help in a noble cause : In addition to all other benefits that you will receive after becoming a Lifetime Associate Member of the Humanity Alive Foundation, your name will be included in the list of thousands of people from all over the world that are also helping to make the Museum For All Humanity a reality that will be shared for many generations. Your support can help build a more humanitarian and socially responsible society of tomorrow.

  2. Noble socialization : Your commitment to our cause entitles you to become part of the larger organization of like minded individuals. You will become a member of the world wide community of humanitarian activists and teachers. This community begins in your own neighbor and spans across the globe.

  3. You, your culture and your human values are a valuable asset. Once you are a part of the huge community of associate members of Humanity Alive Foundation you become part of a local network of members that meets and provides education to others in the community about core humanitarian values. It is our hope that these small communities can begin to foster the ideas of the Humanity Alive Foundation through humanitarian projects, educational seminars and support meetings. You will have the sense of being part of a family that is nurturing and protective.

  4. Your whole family will benefit from your involvement : The humanitarian ideas and philosophies you will learn and foster in your life will naturally flow to those close to you. Your family, friends and love ones will benefit from the ideals you live by and the education you can provide them to live the most socially responsible and humanitarian lives possible.

  5. Your children hold the key to the future of our planet : One of the primary objectives is to educate our children about how to live in harmony with everyone while uplifting those around them. This is not a new idea, however Humanity Alive Foundation takes an active approach. We provide educational seminars to children and their parents in the hope that these ideals will teach them the true meaning of unconditional love and a true sense of belonging and responsibility for their parents, their family and their community.

    Humanity Alive Foundation offers families tools they can take home such as booklets, our inspirational book and t-shirts with motivational slogans to wear proudly in their community.

  6. Doing more : Long term dedicated members will be given the opportunity to provide a more direct role both locally and abroad in our seminars, fund raising activities and other special programs that are being developed by Humanity Alive Foundation. If you wish to become a community or regional leader, please feel to contact us.

  7. Write articles and books for Humanity Alive Foundation and help spread the word about humanitarianism worldwide:

    Are you an expert of any specific subject? Do you have good writing skills? Do you have experience with content writing related to your specific field of expertise?

    If the answer of any of the above questions is 'yes', then you are invited to help us develop and write stories for our online magazine In-Action.

    If you are interested in donating your talents you may contact us at

    If you have a book that falls within our foundations mission statement and wish to get it published, contact us at the Humanity Alive Foundation . We can work with you to have your book published by the Humanity Alive Foundation Press. Your book will be promoted to thousands of lifetime associate members from all over the world.