Let's Acknowledge Humanitarian Contributions... Let's Promote Role Models To Inspire!

The humanity research team at Humanity Alive Foundation will conduct extensive research on eminent humanitarian projects and efforts from all over the world. It will propose a wide range of leading humanitarian contributors and philanthropists from all over the world along with a brief report on their contributions and efforts. This list will be proposed to the core team for final selection of the Award recipients.

An International Humanity Awards Committee will be established every year that will take a final decision regarding the yearly awards recipients of the The International Humanity Awards Of The Year.

A brief awards ceremony will be hosted at the official auditorium of The Museum For All Humanity. A leading historic international personality will be invited to award the selected award winners.

The prime objective of The International Humanity Awards Of The Year will be to spread awareness and concern regarding respecting the core values of humanity and their adoption by everyone in their daily lives.

By providing recognition to eminent humanitarian contributors and philanthropists through awards, Humanity Alive Foundation will indirectly induce a motivational wave in the society regarding leading a noble life full of philanthropic and humanitarian instincts.