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Once you complete your registration process and log into your activity area, you will have access to news about upcoming activities, campaigns, events and seminars being organized around you by your fellow associate members of Humanity Alive Foundation. Your membership with Humanity Alive Foundation provides you complete access to participate in all activities and campaigns and thus allows you to contribute your truly appreciated support for our noble cause.
  1. Invite your friends and assocites through your membership account by letting them know about Humanity Alive Foundation and inviting them to join hands together for our noble cause.

  2. Participate in the online petition campaign for building and establishing Museum For All Humanity as an institution dedicated to preserving and promoting core values of humanity all over the world.

  3. Participate in the H-ribbon campaign for your web site.

  4. Humanity Alive Foundation is developing several seminars on selected humanitarian based educational projects. You can extend a helping hand by participating in our seminars. In addition, make your friends and associates aware of Humanity Alive Foundation and invite them to accompany you to our seminars.

  5. Participate in the eSignature Campaign and thus create awareness regarding the noble initiative supported by thousands of people from all over the world.

  6. Humanity Alive Foundation invites article writers from varied diverse fields of subjects to write for our online In-Action magazine from Humanity Alive Foundation. Just register as a LAM and apply to become an author for a specific InfoChannel of In-Action magazine. The core team of Humanity Alive Foundation will soon respond to your application and will allow to begin writing articles for our In-Action magazine. This important periodical acts as a platform for our associate members to get important info and their voice heard by thousands of LAMs from across the world.

  7. If you run an online business or have an online shop selling goods online, then we invite you to declare a fixed percentage of all your sales as donation for Humanity Alive Foundation as a fundraiser to help build The Museum For All Humanity. We'll definitely promote our eCom associates in every way possible on all our web sites and our fundraiser web sites.

  8. Are you a social photographer or a graphic artist that creates work of art that portrays specific postures and gestures of humanity and human society? If the answer is yes, then we need your precious support! The core team of Humanity Alive Foundation is in the process of developing several screen savers that will be released to millions of people from all over the world... We invite YOU to submit your art for official screensavers from Humanity Alive Foundation. We'll forward all credits to YOU as individual creator of those arts.

Its time to make a call for an action to everyone! Let's get together and make a ONE force! Let's join hands and build our Museum For All Humanity together!