Contribute Your Support For Spreading Humanity! How it works :

As a H-Ribbon Campaigner, you have to include a bunch of 'H-Ribbon Campaign HTML Codes' at an appropriate position in your web pages so that whenever your page is viewed by your site visitors, the H-Ribbon Logo is displayed! This immediately starts spreading the core message of Humanity among all your site visitors!

Prevent Frauds On Your Site By Becoming A Campaigner For Humanity!

The H-Ribbon logo on your website helps you by limiting fraudulent behaviors of your site visitors towards you as soon as they come to know and realize that you are a firm believer and follower of the core values of Humanity! The H-Ribbon logo will work as a good omen that has power to wipe off all the evil inside the common people and thus will help you prevent frauds on an ongoing basis, also spreading the core values of Humanity, which is our prime concern.

HTML codes for H-Ribbon Logo :

Get the html codes for H-ribbon for your web pages below.
Add these codes anywhere between the BODY tags of your web pages. This will immediately add the H-Ribbon to your web pages.

Thank you for your kind support while participating in our worldwide H-Ribbon Campaign. Please add your web site information into our Directory of H-Ribbon campaigner web sites.

Advantages Of Joining The H-Ribbon Campaign

  1. You help us to spread the core values of Humanity throughout the world. This is a support for which we will always be thankful to you.

  2. Join the H-Ribbon Campaign by copying and pasting the html codes for the H-Ribbon logo on your website and then apply for your website's inclusion into our Directory Of H-Ribbon Campaigners. We will add your website's reference the directory of H-Ribbon Campaigners.

  3. The H-Ribbon Logo on your website helps you to combat fraudulent behaviors by your site visitors and online buyers towards you.