Declare a fixed percentage donation out of your sales for Humanity Alive Foundation and achieve the designation of Ecom Associate of Humanity Alive Foundation

Join hands with the noble mission. Declare yourself as an eCom Associate of Humanity Alive Foundation. Declare a fixed percentage of your profits as a donation to the noble mission on your own web site. Get exclusive appreciation from your site visitors for your noble support extended toward Humanity Alive Foundation. Extend your precious help to build The Museum For All Humanity.

eCom Associates is a perfect means of forwarding your support for building The Museum For All Humanity. Through this program, if you are not able to extend your financial help for building the museum, you can in fact declare a fixed percentage as donations out of all sales or profits that you make while making a sale at your online ecommerce store.

While declaring a fixed percentage as donations, you create a better image in front of your site visitors. Your site visitors will always appreciate you for your support extended in this way. Moreover, your site visitors will take more interest in your products and will turn up placing an order with you as a means of extending their own support for building The Museum For All Humanity.

Do not waste any time anywhere. Make a contact with the core museum team at and let us know your interests and plans. We'll soon provide you with a graphical 'batch' for you to put on your web site. This will officially declare you as an eCom associate of Humanity Alive Foundation. Moreover, your site will be highlighted at web site as being one of the prestigious ecom associate of Humanity Alive Foundation.