Special Report and eBook Guide on Building A Combined Family Vision And Making It Come True With A Family Vision Statement

In today's complex walk of life, almost all families have some problems and issues to handle all the time floating within them inducing lot of chaos, confusions and troubles and thus affecting all members of the family. The confusions and chaos often result in the form of conflicting visions and approaches that further deteriorate the overall scenario ending up as breakups and disintegration of families. Family problems might be short-term ones that are easy to handle, on the contrary they might be long term and chronic ones that leave a long term or everlasting impacts on the members of the family. All this result in the form of immense stress for family members to handle, forcing them to pass through critical situations in their lives totally helplessly.

Now Have a Slight Insider Look...

  • Have you been feeling all the time that some or all of your family members have non-aligned goals and objectives in contrast to your own goals or goals of individual members of your family? Do you feel there exist disagreements on the key priorities of your family among your family members?

  • Do you find there is lack of proper communication, understanding, mutual acceptance of thoughts and a common vision within your family members?

  • Have you started believing that some problems inside your family haven't been addressed or aren't being addressed as they should be?

  • Do you feel all the time that your family members don't understand you and your vision?

  • Do you feel there is lack of emotional support you deserve from your family members? Do you feel some or all of your family members are less emotionally attached to each other than they should be?

  • Do you feel there's lack of acceptance, acknowledgement or tolerance to YOUR thoughts and feelings inside your family? Do you feel there are some or lot of differences prevailing within members of your family?

  • Do you feel that members of your family are slowly and steadily drifting apart from each other and very soon you'll find your family members moving away from each other in totally opposite directions?

  • Are You facing a similar kind of complex situation inside your family at the present that's disturbing you all the time?

  • Do you find yourself moving towards a time when you'll be forced to face such a complex scenario, a chronic crises within your family within your family members?

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Get the Guide To Build A Combined Family Vision within all your family members and follow it to make your combined family vision come true!

Supercharge your family members with a passionate vision for the future.

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Create a "one force" inside your family
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Family is the initial ground where all individuals of the society learn how to dwell together, share dreams together, care for each other together and spread the core emotions of love among all associated members of the family. "Family" is the place where all individuals learn the essence of fundamental human values towards all other humans around. The institution of "Family" is extensively endangered in today's time.

Humanity Alive Foundation has taken a firm initiative to address the very specific need of protecting the institution of "Family" and thus strengthening the core foundation of Human society by launching a dedicated special report and ebook guide on how to build a combined family vision and thus glue all members of the family with strong bonds and emotions together.

In this ebook and special report, you get to learn...

  1. Introduction to Family Vision Formulation

    1. Family Vision Declaration-Laying Down a Stronger Foundation for Your Family

    2. Family Vision Declaration-Not a Yearly Resolution, but a Lifetime One

    3. Family Vision Declaration-A Glue that Binds All Family Members Together for All Times to Come

    4. The Family Vision Declaration-As a Tool to Create Mutual Love and Passion in All Family Members as Well as a Sense of Belonging

    5. Core Benefits of Having a Family Vision Declaration

    6. Declare Your Family Vision-Give a Future Direction to Your Family - Know Where You Are Heading

    7. Risks and Disadvantages of not Having Any Combined Family Vision Declaration among All Family Members

    8. Why Having a Family Vision Statement Is More Important than Planning for Your Career

    9. Put a Family Vision Declaration in Place before Anything Else

  2. Building Your Family Vision Declaration

    1. Why Most Families Never Think of and Create a Family Vision Declaration for Their Families on Their Own

    2. Making Every Member of the Family Realize the Importance of Formulating a Family Vision Statement

    3. Brainstorming Sessions for Family Vision Building inside a Family

    4. Guiding Questions that May Help Family Members to Develop a Combined Family Vision

    5. Incorporating the Vision and Preferences of All Family Members in a Combined Family Vision Declaration

    6. Combating Various Short-term and Long-term Issues and Problems through a Combined Family Vision Declaration

    7. Declaring Short-term and Long-term Goals in Your Family Vision Declaration

    8. Declare Your Long-term Strategy to Accomplish the Fundamental Goals of Your Combined Family Vision

  3. Making Your Family Vision Come True

    1. Strongly Commit Yourself to Put All Your Efforts into Making Your Family Vision Declaration a True Reality

    2. Work to Make Resolutions Happen

    3. Helping and Supporting Your Family Members to Accomplish All Fundamental Goals of Your Family Vision Statement

    4. How to Fail-Getting Excited about Your Family Vision Declaration but Not Following Through

    5. Appreciating Everyone's Contributions and Continued Efforts for the Accomplishment of the Prime Objectives of Your Family Vision Declaration

    6. Celebrating the Accomplishment of Core Milestones of Family Vision Declaration

The Need To Protect "Families" :

No human values or core values of humanity can be preserved or safeguarded without preserving and strengthening the very core foundation of the human society, and that is the institution of families. The institution of families is the very only institution that has protected and sustained the existence of humanity and core human values through all ages in the history. Today, with the complex and ever-changing socio-economic scenario of life, our very core institution of Family is endangered. The worst scenario is already visible in all developed countries around.

Today, its clearly evident that the future of the families are not driven by the members of the families but are directly affected by the circumstances that play upon the individual members of the families.

A family vision statement is a family's 'mission statement' that lays down the 'combined family goals' for all family members to achieve, and thus provides a strong internal bonding glue for the family bringing all members of the family more closer to each other empowering them together to accomplish their combined family goals.

The special report and ebook guide on combined family vision building is an attempt to help all individuals strengthen the core foundation of their families by giving a predefined direction to themselves as well as all their family members for future to come.

This special report is dedicated to all people that want to reach higher in their lives, find great happiness and lead their lives with passion and purpose. The guide addresses divergent goal setting issues that greatly contribute at the core leading to disintegration of families damaging the core human values prevalent right within all family members and thus ending up delivering individuals devoid of the very core human values that are primarily required in all individuals for the healthy sustenance of societies.

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