Spread The Words Everytime You Send An Email! Help The Mission With No Extra Efforts!

If you are a volunteering associate member and supporter for building The Museum For All Humanity, then please adapt the following eSignature and use it as part of your standard email signature while sending emails. You can permanently add this eSignature to your own email signature stored in your email software that you use. If you use an online email service such as Yahoomail or Hotmail, you can simply add the following eSignature to your email signature and thus make all your outgoing emails carry this eSignature to all recipients. Your support in this way will greatly help us spread the wave for this noble mission.

Please add the following lines to your email signature:

Let's Preserve The Core Values Of Humanity
Let's Pass On The Core Values To Our Children
Let's Build The Museum For All Humanity Together

Please note that an open hearted moral support matters to us much more than a financial support. We sincerely look forward for an enthusiastic support from all our volunteers and well-wishers that are actually concerned to save the core values of humanity.

Let's Build The Museum For All Humanity Together!